Patrik Lindenfors

Tel: +46 70 341 86 87

I am an Associate Professor of Zoological Ecology at the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University, where I also got my PhD, but have for the last years mainly worked at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution, also at Stockholm University.

My research mainly focuses on the possibility of borrowing thinking and methodology from evolutionary biology to understand societal and cultural change. Within this project, I have studied evolutionary processes in democratization, religiosity and cooking.

In my biological work I have otherwise mainly conducted research on the evolution of the mammal brain, sexual differences, and the development and use of phylogenetic methods.

At the Institute for Futures Studies I will mainly focus on evolutionary analyses of reform sequences during democratization within the project “Sequences of Democratization”, that is related to the program “Which future? Challenges and choices for the 21st century”, more specifically the theme “Democracy in the 21st Century”. The aim of the project is to design, refine and use methods to describe sequences of reforms and other events in a manner that sheds new light on questions of causality.

Three recently published works

  • Leroi AM, Lambert B, Mauch M, Papadopoulou M, Ananiadou S, Lindberg SI & Lindenfors P 2020 On revolutions. Palgrave Communications 6: article number 4.

  • Lindenfors P 2019 Det kulturella djuret: om människans evolution och tänkandets utveckling. Ordfront, Stockholm.

  • Lindenfors P, Krusell J & Lindberg SI 2019 Sequential requisites analysis: a new method for analyzing sequential relationships in ordinal data. Social Science Quarterly 100: 838-856.

Three frequently cited works

  • Nunn CL, Lindenfors P, Pursall R & Rolff J 2009 On sexual dimorphism in immune function. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Series B: Biological Sciences 364: 61-69.

  • Lindenfors P, Nunn CL, & Barton RA 2007 Primate brain architecture and selection in relation to sex. BMC Biology 5: 20.

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