Maria Wallenberg Bondesson

I am a historian, and defended my thesis at Stockholm University in 2003. In my thesis, I studied different types of religious conflicts in Sweden in the 17th-19th centuries.

Since 2007 my research has mainly focused on cultural dynamics, and especially global trends in legislation and norms. Previously, I have worked as a researcher at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution, and with research administration at the Swedish Research Council.

Together with Arne Jarrick, I am presently concluding a comparative study of long-term trends in legislation in mainly France, England, West Asia, China, Sweden, Russia and India. At the Institute for Futures Studies I work within the project "Conflict, cooperation and equality".

Recently published works:

  • “What can be understood, what can be compared, and what counts as context? Studying lawmaking in world history” (with Arne Jarrick), in Jarrick, Arne et al (eds.). 2016. Methods in world history. A critical approach. Lund: Nordic Academic Press.
  • “Slavar och andra ägodelar. Om slaven som sak och människa i lagtexter från förmoderna kulturer i Främre Asien och Kina”, in Maria Wallenberg Bondesson et al (eds.). 2012. Människans kunskap och kunskapen om människan. En gränslös historia. Lund.
  • “Flexible Comparativeness: Towards Better Methods for the Cultural Historical Study of Laws - And Other Aspects of Human Culture” (with Arne Jarrick), in eds. Anna Maria Forssberg et al (eds.). 2011. Organizing History. Studies in Honour of Jan Glete. Lund: Nordic Academic Press.
  • ”Rum, väckelse och gemenskap”, in Johansson, Ella (ed.). 2002. Periferins landskap. Historiska spår och nutida blickfält i svensk glesbygd, Lund.