Axel Gosseries

I am a philosopher and law scholar, visiting professor at the Institute for Future Studies. I am a Maitre de recherches at the Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique (Brussels) and a professeur extraordinaire at UCLouvain (Belgium) where I head the Hoover Chair in Economic and social Ethics. I am also involved in projects at the Czech Academy of Science and at the University of Wollo (Ethiopia).

My research focuses on specific issues in analytical political philosophy, including intergenerational justice and climate justice, designing institutions for long-termism as well as the institutional division of distributive labour.

Three recently published works

  • Are inequalities between us and the dead intergenerationally unjust? CRISPP, 2019, 22(3): 284-300.

  • Institutions for future generations (edited with Inigo Gonzalez-Ricoy) Oxford University Press, 2016,
    432 p.

  • Intergenerational justice, sufficiency and health in What is Enough? (C. Fourie & A. Rid, eds), Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. 121-143.

Three frequently cited works

  • Intergenerational justice (edited with Lukas Meyer) Oxford University Press, 2009, 419 p.

  • Historical emissions and free-riding Ethical Perspectives, 2004, 11(1): 36-60.

  • On Future Generations’ Future RightsJournal of Political Philosophy, 2008, 16(4): 446-474.