Ashwini Vasanthakumar

I am currently the Queen's National Scholar in Legal and Political Philosophy and Assistant Professor at Queen's Law School, Canada.  Previously, I was a Lecturer in Politics, Philosophy & Law at the Dickson Poon School of Law, Kings College London, Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of York, and a Term Fellow in Political Theory at University College, Oxford.

My research lies at the intersection of analytical political and legal theory. My main research interest is in transnational politics, and especially the relationship between sending states and emigrants.  I completed my doctoral dissertation, The Ethics of Exile, at the University of Oxford. There, I explored the normative grounds of exile political activism in the homeland and identified the various duties and entitlements exiles bear. This yields further inquiry into the changing nature of citizenship, political obligation, and the state, which my current research develops.

At the Institute, my work focuses on the ‘boundary problem’ in democratic theory and the inclusion of emigrant diasporas in the political institutions of the countries they have left. Other research interests include the use of private actors in border control, transitional justice and political reconciliation after conflict, and constitutional courts in the ‘global South.’

I have working papers on the boundary problem and emigrant diasporas, the moral permissibility of multiple citizenship, and victims’ duties to resist oppression.

Representative work includes