These are publications resulting from the project. For more publications by project members, visit their profile pages.

Askanius, T. (2020). Tidskriftsartikel till Television & New Media: ‘On frogs, monkeys and execution memes in the online universe of the Nordic Resistance Movement: Exploring humour and hate at the intersection of neo-Nazi and Alt-right discourse in Sweden’

Askanius, T. (2020). Tidskriftsartikel Nordicom “I just want to be the friendly face of national socialism, I want to be part of its normalisation”: The turn to civil discourse and a ‘Nazism-light’ in the online media practices of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Nordicom Review Special issue on Uncivility, Racism and Populism

Askanius, T. Reporting on white supremacist movements: challenges of amplification, legitimization and mainstreaming for political journalism’. In Mike Berry, Jen Birks and James Morrison (eds.) Handbook of Political Journalism forthcoming 2021, medförfattare Sophie Björk-James (Vanderbildt university, Tennessee USA) (accepted, in production).

Rostami, A. (2020). De överlappande hoten: Organiserad brottslighet och våldsbejakande extremism och dess konsekvenser för det polisiära arbetet. In G. Larsson & S. Sorgenfrei (Eds.), Migration, religion och polisiärt arbete. Studentlitteratur. 

Sarnecki, J. & Carlsson, C. (2020) "Introduktion till kriminologi" vol. I. Studentlitteratur.