Tipping Point

A multiartistic performative sculpture to visualize the complex connection between our decisions today and the living conditions for future generations.

Tipping Point is the name of the performative sculpture. It will be a 12 meter long, 10 meter wide and 6 meter high floor-based see-saw with four arms. Each arm holds two circular platforms reminiscent of floating islands. Scenes are set up on each platform, with snippets from nature, culture, research and visions of the future in different geographical locations, brought to life by actors of varying ages and origins. The actors and tableaux balance and interact with each other, while each part challenges the sustainability of the whole; a single misstep could spell disaster. A slowly melting ice block, in constant motion due to the proximity of the actors, hovers to counterbalance them.

The aim is to create a visual, physical and poetic experience in a clear and committed manner, based on the question: What living conditions do we want future generations to have, bearing in mind that they are determined by our choices today regarding climate change. Through Tipping Point, research on climate ethics will be given a platform that reaches a wider audience than the more traditional channels that the institute usually uses, thus complementing them. The sculpture will form the basis of a series of short films in collaboration with the institute, and the aim is to produce a longer film for K-special on SVT. The sculpture will also be performed at Art Galleries in Sweden.



Principal Investigator

Staffan Julén Head of communications, Documentary film director, Producer