Syrian Refugees in Vienna. Photo: Joshua Zakary/CC

The subjective integration

Can early information about Sweden and Swedish norms promote successful integration? In this projects we follow migrants who will be given this information before even arriving to their new country.

The purpose of the project “The subjective integration” is to gain a better understanding of how values and social norms change when migrating, as well as to shed light on how information about the country of destination and interventions promoting successful integration can best be designed.

A baseline survey is conducted before migrants' arrival to Sweden. Subsequently, those who have been granted a residence permit are followed during their first years in Sweden with a view to better understanding how values and social norms change over time. The study also measures the outcome depending on where the migrants settle in Sweden and what help they receive. Examples of such initiatives include the introduction year, civic orientation (samhällsorientering), Swedish tuition for immigrants (SFI), work/internships and the various activities offered by study associations.

The project includes three partners, WVS (World Values Survey), NBV (Nykterhetsrörelsens Bildningsverksamhet) and Fores (Forum för reformer).




Principal Investigator

Bi Puranen Associate Professor, Economic History
Daniel Brancalion Lind Bachelor's degree in Economics

Project members (outside IFFS)


European Union. Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund