Values, ethics & morals
Values are a powerful driver of change in society. That is why we are interested in understanding how they change over time, and why.

In order to shape our future through conscious choice we need to know what kind of future we wish for. This is more complicated than one might think since we are constantly changing our view of what a good future is. Several of our projects address this in different ways. One is concerned with the question of whether we should care about future generations or not – a question that has great significance for the choices we make, including decisions that affect population size. 

Other themes include climate justice, which is concerned with the fact that the impact of climate change largely affects people (future generations) who have not caused it, medical ethics and bioethics, and how technological advances can affect our bodies and what consequences this could have. 

The global research network World Values ​​Survey has its secretariat at the institute. It collects data about people's values ​​concerning a variety of issues in about 100 countries all over the world. How do values and norms change over time? How are different values interconnected? Why do values change and what effects do these changes have on our communities? Using data on values we can, for example, study how people in different countries understand democracy, how democracy and inequality are connected, and what this means for the development of violence.


Anders Herlitz
Associate Professor, Practical Philosophy
Áron Székely
DPhil, Sociology
Bi Puranen
Associate Professor, Economic History
Daniel Brancalion Lind
Bachelor's degree in Economics
Folke Tersman
Chair Professor, Practical Philosophy
Giulia Andrighetto
Ph.D., Philosophy
Göran Duus-Otterström
Associate Professor, Political Science
Gustaf Arrhenius
Director and Professor, Practical Philosophy
H. Orri Stefánsson
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Irina Vartanova
PhD, Psychology
Johan E. Gustafsson
PhD, Philosophy
Julia Mosquera
PhD, Philosophy
Karim Jebari
PhD in philosophy.
Kirsti Jylhä
PhD, Psychology
Krister Bykvist
Professor, Practical Philosophy
Lisa Karlberg
Msc, Philosophy
Malcolm Fairbrother
Professor, Sociology
Marie Björnstjerna
MSc, Psychology
Moa Bursell
Postdoctoral researcher, Sociology
Pontus Strimling
Associate Professor, Economics
Timothy Campbell
PhD, Philosophy
Vuko Andric
PhD, Philosophy
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