The merging of the two versions of the microsimulation model SESIM

This mission is about merging two different versions of the microsimulation model SESIM into one, verifying that the new version gives the same outcomes as the previous LEV-SESIM.

SESIM is a microbased simulation model which tries to predict the future of a sample (300 000) of the population for the next 50 years or longer. The model also describes the population in terms of work and pensions, and even salary at an individual level. With this information it is possible to calculate people's disposable income. The SESIM-model is to be regarded as "open source” or ”public domain”.

The Ministry of Finance uses the model when making long-term prognoses concerning pensions, and the model is also being used by researchers.

Funding: The Public Health Agency of Sweden Duration: 2016- Principal Investigator: Anders Ekholm External project members: Joakim Hussenius