Ensuring the representation of migrants in the WVS Database

<p>The assignment is to ensure the representation of those born outside of Sweden in the Swedish section of the World Values Survey (WVS). The investigation is based on the recurring WVS on values and social norms that is conducted in over 100 countries about every five years.</p>

To gain more knowledge about how values are affected when people move to live in other countries, WVS aims to complete an additional survey to gain a more representative selection and a high proportion of answers from those who have moved to Sweden from other countries. This is done to be able to generate more general results about the whole population. The survey will also include a number of additional questions that aim to capture the perspective of migrants. This section touches on what expectations migrants who come to Sweden had before they moved and how they feel that their view of Swedish society has changed since their arrival.

Funding: the Swedish Government Offices
Duration 2018-06-11--2019-01-19
Project leader: : Bi Puranen