Better public health through school progress

The differences in living conditions and health are great in the city of Gothenburg, and the district of Angered has poorer outcomes on most parameters measured: for example the level of education is lower, and caries and smoking are more common. The school has an important role to play in giving all children the same opportunities. We know that students who are often absent are at risk of ending up in situations that affects their health negatively in various ways. This project, run by Angered, is therefore about improving public health through early prevention efforts focusing on children and young people.

The project uses knowledge about attendance at elementary school and connects it with the data contained in the teachers' daily attendance reports. This is achieved through the development of a digital tool that connects technology with research and proven knowledge of presence work. In a first phase the tool is being tested by two schools in Angered. The tool will serve as support for the school management, which can get more information about which students need extra help and by which actor - eg. school health or social services.

The institute is assisting in the process of selecting and managing data. Anders Ekholm is technical-analytical project manager.


Funding: Vinnova Duration: 2015–2019 System.String[] Other project members: Anders Ekholm