Maria Törnqvist

Photo of Maria Tornqvist, Photographer: Sara Moritz

University lecturer at the Department of Education, Uppsala University.

I am currently running the project ‘Intimate Sociality: Practice and Identity in Collective Housing, Human-Animal Relations and Couple Dancing’, funded by the Swedish research council. The study engages with the expanding area of intimate relations in late modern societies and takes off from a somewhat blind spot within the research terrain: a recognition of relations that is neither commercialized associations in a market of goods, nor the nuclear family or the romantic couple.

Previous research includes studies of elites and education and a dissertation on two Swedish debates on gender quota.

Three recently published works:

  • Törnqvist, Maria (2019) ”The Making of an Egalitarian Elite. School Ethos and the Production of Privilege”, British Journal of Sociology, 70(2):551-568.
  • Törnqvist, Maria (2019) “Living Alone Together. Individualized collectivism in Swedish communal housing”, Sociology (online).
  • Törnqvist, Maria (2018) “Rethinking intimacy: Semi-anonymous spaces and transitory attachments in Argentine tango dancing”, Current Sociology, 66(3): 356-372.

Three previously published works:

  • Törnqvist, Maria (2013) Tourism and the Globalization of Emotions. The Intimate Economy of Tango. New York: Routledge.
  • Tollin, Katharina och Maria Törnqvist (2014) Feminism i rörliga bilder. [Andra utgåvan] Lund: Liber förlag.
  • Törnqvist, Maria (2010) Tangoexperimentet. Stockholm: Ruin förlag.
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