Woman wearing VR-glasses


What happens in a night club that only exists in a virtual reality? What happens to interaction and intimacy in a world where physical contact is not possible?

METAKLUBB is a futuristic prototype that addresses the immeasurable: how cohabitation and intimacy can be experienced and shaped in a speculative future where physical contact is impossible. The prototype consists of an interactive performance that shapes something we would today call a nightclub with connected smaller more intimate rooms, in virtual reality, VR.

In those environments, we will place dancers and actors who, with the help of motion capture, perform theatrical scenes with collective dance, but also investigate how it works to flirt and be physically intimate. Everything is done live and in real time with full opportunity for interaction and reaction. The audience wears VR headsets which make them feel like they are physically in VR.

To be able to socialize with other people in general and to experience intimacy in particular are basic human needs. With the VR platform, we want to create a world in VR that facilitates authentic social contact over great distances. At the same time, we want to develop but also problematize meetings and relationships that only take place in VR. One focus is to build and develop genuine intimacy that only takes place in a virtual form. We also want to investigate how humans would  physically and mentally try to deal with the reality where physical encounters with IRL are not possible.

The project is a collaboration between the Institute for Future Studies, Bombina Bombast and the choreographer Robin Jonsson.



Principal Investigator

Staffan Julén Head of communications, Documentary film director, Producer