Future health - digital transformation


Swedish health care delivers good outcomes for specialized diagnoses, but are experiencing problems when it comes to the easiest and the toughest cases. Patients with the easiest problems have difficulties to get in contact with health care quickly, and patients with complex problems have to manage the navigation between different health care services themselves.These are problems that can be solved and we believe it can be done while maintaining and improving our reputable specialist care.

The problems can be solved w ith digital decision support systems but this requires that digitization is allowed to permeate all health-related aspects of our lives. This requires major changes in both organization, approach and technology. In this project, we will present facts, descriptions and ideas, and describe existing bottlenecks and obstacles. We will also provide an overall vision of what an alternative system might look like and ways to inspire action by demonstrating the potential of such a system.

Partners: Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, The Leading Healthcare Foundation, The Swedish Agency for Health and Care Services Analysis, Karolinska institutet, Design Sciences at the University of Lund, Stockholm School of Economics, Bräcke Diakonia and Mickelsbergs Data AB.



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