Vuko Andric

I am a researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies, Lecturer in Practical Philosophy at Bayreuth University, and fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. My main research interests lie in ethics and political philosophy. In ethics I am particularly interested in topics of normative ethics such as consequentialism, supererogation, and the principle that ‘ought’ implies ‘can’. In political philosophy I am currently working on the democratic representation of future persons and, in particular, on the boundary problem in democratic theory.

Three recently published works

  • "Consequentialism and Robust Goods", Utilitas (2019), 1–9.

  • "Hedonism, Desirability and the Incompleteness Objection", Thought, 2019.

  • “How Do Affected Interests Support Global Democracy?”, Journal of Global Ethics 13 (3), pp. 264–278.

 Three frequently cited works

  • “Objective Consequentialism and the Rationales of ‘“Ought” Implies “Can”’”, Ratio 30 (1), pp. 72–87.

  • “Objective Consequentialism and the Licensing Dilemma”, Philosophical Studies 162 (3), pp. 547–566.

  • “Is It Bad to Be Disabled? Adjudicating Between the Mere-difference and the Bad- difference Views of Disability” (with Joachim Wündisch), Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy 9 (3), pp. 1–16.