Olle Torpman

Tel: +46 736 96 86 81

Together with Eric Brandstedt and Henrik Andersson, I am working on the research project “Population Growth and the Sustainable Development Goals” where we examine the relevance and importance of the population variable in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the moral justifications for population policies. I also have a postdoctoral appointment at the Stockholm University philosophy department and I am a lecturer in animal ethics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

My main area of research is within environmental ethics, with a focus on climate and animal ethics. Amongst others, I examine issues related to fair allocations of responsibilities for climate change and what moral responsibilities we have towards non-human animals. I am also interested in decision making under moral uncertainty, or how we should act when we are uncertain about which theory of ethics is correct.

Three recently published works

  • “The Case for Emissions Egalitarianism” (2019), Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, vol. 22, no 2.
  • "In Defence of My Favourite Theory" (2014), Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 95, no. 2, pp. 159-174, co-authored with Johan Gustafsson.
  • "Review of John Broome's Climate Matters" (2014), Theoria, vol. 80, no. 2 pp. 191-195.