Mikaela Sundberg

I am Associate Professor in Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University and formerly affiliated to Stockholm Center for Organizational Research (SCORE).

Previous areas of research have been within sociology of science and science and technology studies (STS), especially concerning the role of numerical modelling and simulations as scientific practice. The cases I have dealt with are astrophysics, oceanography, and meteorology, including climate modelling. More recently, my research interests have turned to voluntary total institutions. I have examined everyday life inside the regiments of the French Foreign Legion from an organizational perspective and is currently expanding this line of research to Catholic monasteries.

Three recently published works

  • Sundberg, M. (2015) A Sociology of the Total Organization: Atomistic Unity in the French Foreign Legion. Farnham: Ashgate/Gover.

  • Sundberg, M. (2016) “Idén om striden och dess roll inom franska Främlingslegionen – ett svenskt perspektiv” i Edling, C. och Rostami, A. (red) Våld som relation och organisation. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

  • Sundberg, M. (2015) “Hierarchy, Status and Combat Motivation in the French Foreign Legion” i King, A. (red) Frontline: Combat and Cohesion in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Examples of other work