Joakim Sturup

I work at the Centre for Psychiatry Research, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet and at the National Board of Forensic Medicine.

My research focuses on major violent crime with a particular focus on firearms and homicide investigations and aims to improve the judicial system's analysis and investigation of serious crimes.

Three recently published works:

  • Caman S, Kristiansson M, Granath S & Sturup. (in press) Intimate partner homicide in Sweden 1990 to 2013. Journal of Criminal Justice.

  • Sturup J, Rostami A, Sandholm A & Gerell M. (in press) Shootings in contemporary Sweden 2011 to 2015. Security Journal.

  • Hedlund J, Forsman J, Sturup J & Masterman T. (in press) Psychotropic medications in Swedish homicide victims and offenders: a forensic-toxicological case-control study of adherence and recreational use. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Three often cited works:

  • Sturup J, Karlberg D & Kristiansson M. (2015) Solviability of homicides: A population-based study of 264 cases. Forensic Science International 257;106-113.

  • Sturup J & Lindqvist P (2014) Homicide and psychosis 1987–2006 - A Swedish time trend analysis. International Journal of Forensic Mental Health 13:1-7.

  • Sturup J & Lindqvist P (2014) Recidivism after homicide: A 30 year follow-up study. Criminal Behavior and Mental Health 24;1:5-17.