Geoffrey Brennan

I am Professor at School of Philosophy, Australian National University. I also have affiliated positions such as Research Professor at the Philosophy Department, UNC-Chapel Hill and Research Professor at the Political Science Department, Duke University.

My appointment history is: Professor at the Economics Department Australian National University, Director, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University and present Professor, RSSS, Australian National University (Departments --Economics; Social and Political Theory; Philosophy).

I work at the intersection between Economics and Political and Moral Philosophy. I have two book-length projects in train – one on Philosophy and Economics for Princeton Uni Press (with Geoff Sayre-McCord); and one on Analytic Conservatism (with Alan Hamlin).

Three recently published works:

  • “Practical Conservatism” The Monist (2016) [forthcoming] with Alan Hamlin
  • “Fiscal Powers Revisited” in R. Congleton, B. Grofman and S. Voigt (eds) Oxford Companion to Public Choice Oxford: Oxford University Press [forthcoming] with Hartmut Kliemt
  • “Do Normative Facts Matter… to what is Feasible?” Social Philosophy and Policy (2016) (with Geoff Sayre-McCord) [forthcoming]

Three frequently cited works:

  • The Power to Tax (1980) CUP [with James Buchanan] (3800 citations)
  • Democracy and Decision (1993) CUP [with Loren Lomasky] (900 citations)
  • The Economy of Esteem (2004) OUP [with Philip Pettit] (450 citations)