Andreas Ryve

Tel: +46 73-662 07 36

I am professor of Mathematics Education at Mälardalen University and at Umeå University. I have also held postdoctoral research positions at University of Oxford (2009-2019) and research positions at Stockholm University (2008-2011.

Together with colleagues I am currently engaged in two on-going and interrelated research programmes:

- Effective mathematics education in Sweden and Finland,
- Establishing high-quality mathematics classroom teaching at scale

Within the first programme we engage in several projects including supportive curriculum material, education of prospective teachers, and effective classrooms in Sweden and Finland. Lately we have also included the cultural contexts of US and Flanders within this research programme with a special focus on artefacts supporting mathematics teachers’ work in classrooms. In addition, during 2015-2021 I will manage a project financed by Swedish Research Council on inscriptions and how they afford and constrain teachers’ actions in social practices.

Within the second programme projects include: Teaching mathematics through problem solving; the design of supporting artefacts for mathematics teachers; conceptualizing and measuring large-scale improvements of high-quality mathematics teaching. As part of the second programme I am beginning to consider aspects of building teaching and educational systems on a research base. Which scientific disciplines are constructed as influential for schooling? Which artefacts and activities of the educational system should be research-based? How are actors within the school system positioned in relation to research?

Three recently published works:

  • Hemmi, K., & Ryve, A. (2015). Effective mathematics teaching in Finnish and Swedish teacher education discourses. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education. 10.1007/s10857-014-9293-4.
  • Andrews, P., Ryve, A., Hemmi, K., & Sayers, J. (2014). PISA, TIMSS and Finnish mathematics teaching: An enigma in search of an explanation. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 87, 7-26.
  • Ryve, A., Nilsson, P., & Pettersson, K. (2013). Analyzing effective communication in mathematics group work: the role of visual mediators and technical terms. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 82, 497-514.

Three frequently cited works:

  • Ryve, A., Nilsson, P., & Mason, J. (2012). Establishing mathematics for teaching within classroom interactions in teacher education. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 81, 1-14.
  • Ryve, A. (2011). Discourse research in mathematics education: A critical evaluation of 108 journal articles. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 42 (2), 167-198.
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