Anders Sandberg

I am James Martin Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute, a part of the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University. My research focus on issues of technologies that can change the human condition, low-probability high-impact risks, and how to reason about such uncertain domains. More specifically I have investigated the neuroethics of enhancement of cognition and love, future technologies for large-scale brain emulation, global catastrophic risks, safety of artificial intelligence, and how risk models can lead us astray.

I got my Ph.D. in computer science 2003 at Stockholm University with a dissertation on neural network models of memory. I was scientific producer for Swedish Travelling Exhibitions’ exhibition “Se Hjärnan!” 2003-2006. I am currently senior researcher for a research collaboration between FHI and the reinsurance company Amlin about the systemic risks of risk modelling. I am also associated with the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, the Oxford Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technologies, and the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics.

A selection of published works:

  • Sandberg, A. (2013) An Overview of Models of Technological Singularity. I The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future, John Wiley, p. 376-394.
  • Ćirković, M. M., Sandberg, A., & Bostrom, N. (2010). Anthropic shadow: Observation selection effects and human extinction risks. Risk analysis, 30(10), 1495-1506.
  • Ord, T., Hillerbrand, R., & Sandberg, A. (2010). Probing the improbable: methodological challenges for risks with low probabilities and high stakes. Journal of Risk Research, 13(2), 191-205.

Three frequently/important cited works:

  • Dresler, M., Sandberg, A., Ohla, K., Bublitz, C., Trenado, C., Mroczko-Wąsowicz, A., Kühn, S. & Repantis, D. (2013). Non-pharmacological cognitive enhancement. Neuropharmacology, 64, 529-543.
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  • Savulescu, J., & Sandberg, A. (2008). Neuroenhancement of love and marriage: the chemicals between us. Neuroethics, 1(1), 31-44.