Anders Ekholm

Tel: +46 70 641 48 87

I have had the position as vice president and advisor at the Institute for Futures Studies and before that I worked as head of analysis at the Ministry of Social Affairs, with research concerning our future need for health and social care. I have also worked at the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Employment and the Ministry of Education.

I am often engaged as a speaker at conferences, kick off’s and at training sessions. Often, I talk about how demographic changes, changing values and advances in technology which may have an impact on the future of our welfare sector. 

I also work with some of the Institute’s assignments, for example how IT affects the future of healthcare, or which schools that counteract mental illness.

Recently published works

  • Lisa Brouwers, Lina Maria Ellegård, Nils Janlöv, Pontus Johansson, Karin Mossler & Anders Ekholm. ”Simulating the Need for Health- and Elderly Care in Sweden – A Model Description of SESIM-LEV” in: New Pathways in Microsimulation, Eds.: Gijs Dekkers, Marcia Keegan & Cathal O’Donoghue. Pp: 41-60. Ashgate 2014.