According to Swedish law, anyone who visits a website with cookies is to be informed if the website contains cookies, what they are used for and how they can be avoided.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that the website you visit saves on your computer. Cookies are used on many websites to give the user access to various functions. There are two types of cookies. One is temporarily stored on your computer while you are surfing on a page. It disappears when you close your browser. The second type saves a file for a longer time on your computer. It is used for functions that for example tell you what is new since you last visited the site.

Cookies on this site

The web analytics tool Google Analytics which is used on this site uses cookies. The cookies collect information about how visitors use the site, for example, number of subpages viewed, where visitors come from and number of visits with the purpose to improve the website and provide a great user experience. If you do not wish to accept cookies no information will be collected.

To avoid cookies

If you do not accept cookies, you can set your browser so that you automatically deny the storage of cookies or to be informed every time a website asks to store a cookie. Through your browser you can also remove previously saved cookies. See your browser’s help pages for more information. Choosing to turn off the ability for the site to store cookies does not affect this site’s functionality beyond what is stated above.