Live stream: Book seminar - The new wave of basic income experiments, 26 november

Welcome to a seminar on the new book "Basinkomstens nya våg" (The New Wave of Universal Basic Income). The webinar will be live streamed on this page. 

In the book leading researchers on universal basic income (UBI) analyze recent UBI-related experiments in Finland and The Netherlands. What can these experiments tell us about the consequences of a UBI in advanced welfare states? The authors deal with the political processes that gave birth to the experiments and sheds light upon the effects on society of a UBI. Why were these experiments undertaken? What can be learned from a political and scientific standpoint? And what - if anything - can be said about the desirability of a UBI, based on these experiments? 

How to ask questions

Ask your own questions about UBI at this seminar. Go to and enter the event code: 1020

Participating authors:
Simon Birnbaum, associate professor in political science at Södertörn University and affiliated researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm. 
Jurgen De WispelaereAssistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Adjunct Professor in Philosophy of Social Policy, Tampere University
Robert van der Veen, political scientist at the University of Amsterdam 

Moderator: Ludvig Beckman, professor of political philosophy at Stockholm University.

You can download the book (in Swedish) from this link.